Chapter One Sneak Peek

The sun flickered down through the green leaves of the trees creating dancing figures of light upon the forest floor. Kalem loved it here. The dewy smell of old bark among the giant trees and soggy moss hills made the perfect hiding place. He lay back and listened to the rush of the river sweeping by. He could hear the waves crashing against the dirt banks. Although he spent quite a bit of his time sneaking away to hunt and find peace out on his own, he always felt the lurking danger of the river nearby creep into his mind. “Don’t go near that forsaken river Kalem!! How many times must I tell you. The Gods bless and save you from your stupidity.” His mother would yell when he tried to sneak home before dinner.

Although she was a young woman, the worry from a hardened life had etched its way into the skin on her face. Kalem would lower his head in shame and stare at the ground. Guilt churned his stomach. “I’m sorry, I won’t go near it again.” he would mumble…..

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Malevolence (Chapter One Preview)

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