Character Development

With launching ourselves in to the unfamiliar territory of fictional writing it has become clear that character development is a crucial part of progressing a good story. By clearly having a set of predefined features and behaviours for each character it makes it easier to build and formulate a solid image of what the character will be like. In the case of Malevolence, using the Carl Jung Archetype definition we named each character and defined them under the archetype categories. We then went about giving each a set of features such as height, eye colour, hair colour build, age etc. This made the process of illustrating easier by already having given each character their features. The images below show the process of illustration development for the lead character, Kalem in the Malevolence Gamebook.

1174634_10151895018282228_1422602598_n1174740_10151895018472228_1818444244_n1150136_10151895018782228_1448150283_nScreen Shot 2013-08-14 at 20.26.31Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 20.30.36

With each part of this project being a new challenge it proves that good planning will always benefit no matter what the task ahead.

The above are sample images and illustrations we are working on for the gamebook.

Please stayed tuned for more information about Malevolence.

Until next time…

Team Malevolence


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