Sprint 1 Presentations

This week we were back to the the familiar setting of DIT to present our work to lecturers.

We prepared ourselves well and spoke clearly about our work. We received useful criticism and feedback and will be taking it all on board this week while reviewing our storyboards.

Below is a list of somethings that will need to be finalised.



Although it was suggested to change the name of our Gamebook, we appreciate the reasons why our lecturers want us to, we have decided to stay with Malevolence. To us, it is not just a name picked at random, but a name that reflects our story. Also, we think it sounds quite cool. So there you have it, a simple break down of our presentation feedback and our plans for the weeks ahead.

Talk soon,

Team Malevolene


Battle Scenes

Hi Everyone,

Work has continued on Malevolence this week. With a heavy production schedule and certain weekly deadlines it’s onto the next stages of our artwork.

Battle Scenes are a crucial part of this Gamebook. Our combat mechanic replaces the old style dice role of historic choose your own adventure books and brings a gaming element that fits with the platform for which we are creating the book.

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 14.41.14

In these scenes, Kalem will fight an enemy. The enemy will vary depending on which path the user choses for our hero. One such enemy is “Donté the Dark”, he is chief torturer in the slave prison in the Underworld. Character stats will change as he proceeds in the adventure.

1175121_10151929679792228_164414624_n 1234269_10151929679572228_704725275_ndonte_1_colour

The artwork for the battle scene features the characters from a side profile view. It’s important when to create characters to the right proportions. We’ve added some more effects to the characters such as shading and bevel to create a 3D effect.Below is a prototype video of our current working files in Corona. A lot of this has changed since.

Small changes to the characters actions have been created too, creating the illusion of using sprites but just keeping it simple by using static images and moving them.

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 23.53.02

Until next time,

Team Malevolence!