Enemy Characters

During Malevolence, our main character Kalem must travel into the Underworld to rescue his younger brother from the clutches of Abbadon, Ruler & Lord of the Underworld.

Along the path you choose for Kalem, he will fight various enemies. All of the enemies for Malevolence I had created prior to starting any artwork.  I had a description of how they would look, sourced colours for their appearance and in my mind, I knew how they would speak. It’s only in recent days that I have actually started to bring these characters to life. Each are scary in their own way, if not visually then behaviour and temperament are assets to fear with these creatures. If you are not cunning in choosing your character stats at the start of the combat scenes, it is possible that they may out smart you. You may have to be fast, strong or accurate in your fighting. All of these enemies have various strengths and weakness’ that may not be apparent in the text. It’s up to the reader to discover them and play upon them in combat.

Here are a list of enemies that Kalem may face depending on what path you choose for him.

Guards of the Underworld

guard_combat guard_bn_p25

Guards are slaves to the Underworld, they patrol the earth stealing and capturing any person caught out wandering. They serve Abbadon and do only as he commands.

Donté the Dark

donte_bn_pg26-27 donte_1_colour

Donté is a monsterous man!  He is lead torturer in the Underworld. He takes pleasure in hacking up victims when Abbadon is finished sucking the life from their bodies. His skin crawls with black veins and his head is covered in tattoos. His weapon of choice is a cleaver.

Flesh Eating Demons

demon_bn_pg32 demon_combat

These beautiful creatures seduce their prey and then eat the flesh from their victim’s bones. Demons become frantic when threatened and viciously kill instinctively. They do not possess weapons, just razor sharp teeth and dagger like nails that can shred skin in an instant.

The Shapeshifter


These scaled creatures can morph into any living/dead creature they desire, easily tricking you into close contact with them and then they attack. Although sleek and lean they can land a deadly blow to any substantial sized enemy.

Abbadon – Boss Fight

abbadon_2 abbadon_combat

Abbadon will be the only boss fight that Kalem will encounter in the underworld adventure in the malevolence mini series. Lord of the Underworld, he stands 3 times the size of an average man. His body is a mass of bulging muscle. His eyes glow orange filled with a fire that builds from sucking the souls from victims taken by the Underworld. Abbadon has skill with many weapons but wields a scythe during the final battle of Malevolence. You will need to work hard and choose the right path in order to face him with full strength.

More artwork for enemies is in the pipeline but this is what we have currently up to date.

We look forward to writing again soon,

~Team Malevolence~

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