State of Play

State of play is a gaming conference for indie developers based in Ireland.  It’s run in the Aungier Street Campus of Dublin Institute of Technology. It has been running for quite a few years now and has a successful following. As the gaming industry here in Ireland expands, so do the amount of people demonstrating their games at the conference. The Malevolence team were delighted to take part.


Malevolence Technical Director “Michael Boylan”


Creative Director “Ruth-Ann Grogan” being interviewed by Frankie Whelan for the Irish Independent. 

State of play gave us the opportunity to reach important testers for our gamebook. As Malevolence is not a full game yet it is not a full book either, it allows us to take advantage of user testing at events such as State of Play in receiving critical feedback necessary to the gameplay that Malevolence has to offer. It also allows us to receive feedback from users outside our defined target market.

Ruth-Ann got the privilege of speaking to a journalist about Malevolence and why moving into the technology sector was the right move for her career. Follow the link to see her and others speaking at the event. Click Here!

For more information about state of play please visit:

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 17.40.49

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