Reawakening a cherished genre of nostalgic gamebook adventures, Malevolence is an interactive digital Gamebook for iPad being created by Michael Boylan and Ruth Grogan. The idea was inspired by the well known Fighting Fantasy series and the recent digital reworks by Tin Man Games. There is a great deal of replayability in an app such as this due to the numerous plot branches and choices for players to make.

In the story you will play as the character of Kalem on his adventure into the darkness to rescue his brother from the clutches of Abaddon, the evil lord of the Underworld. Encountering both allies and enemies on your adventure, you will have to battle your way through numerous demons and monsters, collecting useful items and experience points on your journey. Both your strength and luck will be tested constantly, with negative outcomes resulting in your eternal torture and suffering in the underworld.

The final product will contain:

  • A completely original 30,000 word fantasy story.
  • “Choose Your Own Adventure” style of branching narrative.
  • Combat mechanic similar to Role-playing game adventures.
  • Dice roll feature for luck tests.
  • Customizable character statistics including stamina, attack, defense and luck.
  • Collectable Experience points for further character personalization.
  • Weapon and item inventory.
  • Head-Up Display showing players statistics and inventory.
  • Interactive puzzles and games provide a break from reading and test your luck and strength.
  • Smooth transitions and animations for page turning and choice making.
  • Unique soundtrack and rich sound effects.
  • Beautiful textures, illustrations and graphics.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Full how-to-play, interactive tutorials.
  • Options to restart the book, turn audio on/off, change font size.
  • Bookmark features for saving progress with ‘load game’ option.
  • Interactive world map of Arcadia



Gamebook Readers

Some comments we recieved from Gamebook readers are:

“When you where younger you really didn’t grasp how they could make a book with different endings and it was great that you could read the book your own way.”

“I used to read them all the time when I was younger and I loved them!”

“I love how my decisions impact the story and characters, meaning every time you play it is a different experience.”

“I would get more use out of the book – id read a few times because I would want to know every ending.”

“I enjoyed the art and humor of Ian Livingston’s fighting fantasy books.”

“I’ve been reading these types of books since my childhood, from CYOA to Twist-A-Plot to Grailquest and many others. I also make it a point to grab most digital and app gamebooks!”

“I enjoy that you can read the book a number of times and find something new each time you do.”

“The interactive elements would bring you into the story more as would music or sound effects.”


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