Battle Scenes

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Work has continued on Malevolence this week. With a heavy production schedule and certain weekly deadlines it’s onto the next stages of our artwork.

Battle Scenes are a crucial part of this Gamebook. Our combat mechanic replaces the old style dice role of historic choose your own adventure books and brings a gaming element that fits with the platform for which we are creating the book.

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 14.41.14

In these scenes, Kalem will fight an enemy. The enemy will vary depending on which path the user choses for our hero. One such enemy is “Donté the Dark”, he is chief torturer in the slave prison in the Underworld. Character stats will change as he proceeds in the adventure.

1175121_10151929679792228_164414624_n 1234269_10151929679572228_704725275_ndonte_1_colour

The artwork for the battle scene features the characters from a side profile view. It’s important when to create characters to the right proportions. We’ve added some more effects to the characters such as shading and bevel to create a 3D effect.Below is a prototype video of our current working files in Corona. A lot of this has changed since.

Small changes to the characters actions have been created too, creating the illusion of using sprites but just keeping it simple by using static images and moving them.

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 23.53.02

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Leveling Up Your Character

This post is all about the methods of leveling your character up in Malevolence to make them more capable of defeating harder enemies as the story progresses.

Your character will have unique statistics at the start for Stamina, Attack, Defense, Agility and Luck. All of these can be increased from their base figure using Experience points (XP).

XP are units of measurement for your characters experience and are gained through fighting. They are awarded for your skills in battles and based on how quick you defeat an enemy and how many successful attacks you have.

Now I will go through the different character traits that you can spend XP on to increase improve your skills.

Screen shot 2013-08-28 at 16.09.33

Stamina: This is a measurement of your characters health within the game. If your stamina reaches zero, you die! Special items can be found on your journey that will replenish any lost stamina points, but at no time can your health increase past its maximum limit. This maximum limit can of course be increased by using XP, thus increasing the available stamina your character is capable of having. Keep a close eye on your stamina throughout your journey as it is not just battles that can affect this! There are many surprises and obstacles in the story that can pop up and injure you.


Attack: Your attack points come into play during battle scenes. This is an average number for the amount of damage you can deal an enemy when attacking. The higher your attack points, the more powerful your strikes will be and then easier it will be to defeat your enemies.

Defense: Defense points are what prevents your character from taking too much damage in battles. Whatever number of defense points your character has gets subtracted from your enemies attack points to reduce the blow and cause your character to take less damage.

Agility: The speed at which your character attacks is based on their agility. During battle scenes a timer will appear underneath your characters health bar. When this timer is full you will be able to take your move by either attacking the enemy or using an item. The speed at which this timer fills up depends on your agility points. Therefore, the higher your agility the more moves you can make before your opponent beats you.

Luck: Your luck will be tested throughout your journey. You will encounter traps and hazards that will seriously injure or kill you if luck isn’t on your side. Luck is also responsible for determining how often your attacks will miss the enemy in battle. The higher your luck the less likely you will miss so try get your luck up or you may find yourself in trouble.

Game World Environments

As I keep saying I’m new to all this digital illustration, character development and now my newest challenge. Environment design. I began by simply writing down characteristics of each scene from the story.  From there I would create a simple moodboard by finding photographs of places that would be similar to the desired environment I wanted to create. This made it easier in my minds eye to visualise the scene. From there I went into the clean canvas in photoshop started to develop the image using textures/brushes/various colours shading and tones.

Below is an example of a general view of the world of “Arcadia”. This is featured in the introductory scene where our main character is out hunting among the fields and forest close to the river. These are just simple screen shots of the development stages.


Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 18.57.28 Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 23.24.19 Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 23.40.01 Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 23.55.01


As I’m creating these more and more the process I’m following seems to suit my style the best. It also stops my brain from turning to mush trying to create the environments straight from my head.

Keep following our blog for more updates on the creation of Malevolence.

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Character Development

With launching ourselves in to the unfamiliar territory of fictional writing it has become clear that character development is a crucial part of progressing a good story. By clearly having a set of predefined features and behaviours for each character it makes it easier to build and formulate a solid image of what the character will be like. In the case of Malevolence, using the Carl Jung Archetype definition we named each character and defined them under the archetype categories. We then went about giving each a set of features such as height, eye colour, hair colour build, age etc. This made the process of illustrating easier by already having given each character their features. The images below show the process of illustration development for the lead character, Kalem in the Malevolence Gamebook.

1174634_10151895018282228_1422602598_n1174740_10151895018472228_1818444244_n1150136_10151895018782228_1448150283_nScreen Shot 2013-08-14 at 20.26.31Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 20.30.36

With each part of this project being a new challenge it proves that good planning will always benefit no matter what the task ahead.

The above are sample images and illustrations we are working on for the gamebook.

Please stayed tuned for more information about Malevolence.

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Chapter One Sneak Peek

The sun flickered down through the green leaves of the trees creating dancing figures of light upon the forest floor. Kalem loved it here. The dewy smell of old bark among the giant trees and soggy moss hills made the perfect hiding place. He lay back and listened to the rush of the river sweeping by. He could hear the waves crashing against the dirt banks. Although he spent quite a bit of his time sneaking away to hunt and find peace out on his own, he always felt the lurking danger of the river nearby creep into his mind. “Don’t go near that forsaken river Kalem!! How many times must I tell you. The Gods bless and save you from your stupidity.” His mother would yell when he tried to sneak home before dinner.

Although she was a young woman, the worry from a hardened life had etched its way into the skin on her face. Kalem would lower his head in shame and stare at the ground. Guilt churned his stomach. “I’m sorry, I won’t go near it again.” he would mumble…..

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Malevolence (Chapter One Preview)

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